QUESTION   How does my internal user license (IUL) team work? How do I set mine up?

ANSWER  Here are some commonly asked IUL questions and answers...

Why should I use my IUL team?

It's a great way to familiarize yourself with Workplace. You can use it internally for file sync and collaboration purposes, of course, but you can also use it for sales demos and as a client troubleshooting tool.

Who is eligible for an IUL?

All partners are eligible for a free internal user license (IUL) team. The IUL team includes 3 users licenses and 1 server license, free of charge, for you to use at your organization.

How do I get my IUL team?

Go to the Datto Store, find Workplace, and click Enroll.

How do I set up my IUL team?

If you joined Workplace after mid-2020, we created an IUL team for you at the same time we created your Workplace Manager account. To find it, go to Workplace Manager > Teams. Your internal team is marked with "IUL" next to the name.

If you became a Workplace partner prior to mid-2020 and you don't yet have an IUL team, you'll see an IUL promotional banner on your Dashboard:

How do I access my IUL team?

Your Workplace IUL team should be your primary Workplace account. Just log into Workplace to access it. Then, if you wish to go to Workplace Manager, use the account selector at the top right of the interface. Please refer to Manage multiple linked accounts for more information.

How does the IUL model work?

The first 3 user licenses and 1 server license allocated to your IUL team are free of charge. Any subsequent licenses or any additional storage allocated to the IUL team will be billed at the standard rates, as defined in your contract.

Are there any restrictions on the IUL team?

The Manage Team and Edit Team functions are only available to Workplace Manager users with a Full Access security level. This ensures that only top-level admins in Workplace Manager are able to perform administrative functions on your IUL team. For more information, please refer to Security levels and permissions.