QUESTION   I'm experiencing slow transfer speeds

The rate of transfer of data to my devices seems really slow. Why does that happen and can I control the transfer speed?

ANSWER  Slow transfer speeds are affected by a variety of factors

Data transfer speeds can be affected by a variety of factors, which may result in slower than expected transfers. In this article, you will find useful information and tips that may help explain why the transfer speeds are slower than you might expect and how you can improve the speed.

Tip 1

Download and install the latest version of the Workplace app. To access the Downloads page, go to the Workplace login page and click the Download button. Please refer to Install or uninstall the Workplace app.

Tip 2

The maximum bandwidth can be configured from within the Workplace app preferences. Refer to the Workplace app Network tab topic to learn how.

Tip 3

The Progress window (v8 only) can be used to monitor the progress of transfers.

NOTE  Note that when files are synced, metadata (data about the file) is also transferred which may result in slower than expected speeds. The effect of the metadata transfer becomes more evident when transferring a large amount of small files. This is expected behavior - the only solution is patience.

Tip 4

Use the appropriate speed test to check your connection speed:

(Identify which URL to use by logging in to your Workplace account via Workplace Online and making note of what URL is shown once logged in)

Location Domain Link
USA us
Canada ca
Europe eu
Australia au

Tip 5

Try another network connection. To help isolate the cause, try a different network connection to see if the speed is affected.