Integrate with Autotask

IMPORTANT  This integration is only available to users who configured it before the release of our Integrated Billing via Autotaskfeature.

Partners licensing Datto Workplace have the option to integrate Autotask and Workplace Manager. This integration makes selling cloud storage services to your customers and billing them for it very simple.

  • Billing details are synced from Workplace Manager to Autotask automatically, and can be approved, posted and invoiced as recurring services in the normal manner.
  • You can configure your support link in Workplace Manager so client emails automatically create support tickets in Autotask. With costs and revenue both tracked in Autotask, you can calculate profitability for Workplace services.

If you are not yet an Autotask customer and would like to find out more, contact your Datto account manager.

To get started, do the following: