Workplace for Windows and Mac Version 10

May 27, 2020

Release Notes

What's Workplace v10?

VIDEO  Click here for a brief introductory video.

Our next-generation Workplace app for Windows and Mac is a completely new user experience, allowing users to access the entire data repository on demand and to access all the most frequently used features directly from the right-click menu. For details, feel free to review The Workplace for Windows and Mac app.

As our partners, you now have the option to make our redesigned and re-engineered version of Workplace available to your users through the Workplace Online interface. To that end, you'll see a new banner on your Workplace Manager Dashboard. Just click the Learn More button to...well...learn more:

How do I enable v10 access for my teams?

Go to Workplace Manager > Teams, then right-click on a team and select Enable v10 Access. If you want to enable Workplace v10 access for several teams, select multiple teams, then use the right-click menu to enable v10 for all of them at once:

Alternatively, you can toggle the Enable v10 Access option in the Create or edit a team views:

I've enabled v10. Now what?

When you enable Workplace for Windows and Mac for a team, its users will:

  • Be prompted by Workplace Desktop to download and install Workplace v10.
  • See Workplace v10 as the primary download option when they click the Install Workplace button either on the Dashboard or the Devices page.
  • See the promotional banner below on their Dashboard in Workplace Online:

NOTE  Workplace v10 can be run side by side with Workplace Desktop v8.2, which lets users get comfortable with the new experience.

Policy Changes

We've also added two new policies to the Workplace for Windows and Mac section of the Select Policies page:

  • Cache Preferences allows admins to set the size and location of the v10 cache. For details on setting the cache location, refer to Manage Cache Location.
  • Enable SmartBadge displays SmartBadge on Microsoft Office documents, allowing for enhanced collaboration.


Speaking of policies, we've reworded our Disable Workplace Upgrade Notifications policy, which is now called Restrict Update Automation. That's because our new app supports automatic update with no user intervention required!

This policy will:

  • disable upgrade notifications on v8 and earlier.
  • prevent auto-update of the new Workplace app (if you prefer to manually update using Datto RMM or something similar).

Any users running a BETA version of the new Workplace app prior to 10.1 will have to manually uninstall and reinstall, but BETA users on version 10.1 or later will be automatically updated unless the Restrict Update Automation policy is applied.