File sharing API integrations

SECURITY  Full Access or Team Access privileges in Workplace Manager

NAVIGATION   Access the client's Workplace Online > Configuration > Integrations > Manage button on an API Integration tile.

This topic explains how to enable and configure file sharing with other services using the Datto Workplace API. Adding file sharing API integrations to your Workspace team allows you to create seamless integrations with other file management apps. The process for adding an API integration is simple. Comprehensive, interactive guidance can be accessed directly from the Integrations page.

IMPORTANT  In order for a file sharing integration to work properly, you will either have to ask users to share projects with the integration(s), or have Super Administrator access enabled for you by the team. For more information on the latter, please refer to I'd like to help a team manage their projects. How can I do that?

NOTE  Kaseya Support cannot help you with the setup and configuration of custom API integrations, but we can help you make sure that your integration is operational.

For information on file storage integrations, please refer to our Compliance Manager file storage integration and/or SaaS Protection file storage integration topics.

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