Policy Profile Detail

SECURITY  Administrator or Super Administrator privileges in Workplace

NAVIGATION  Workplace Online > Configuration > Team Settings Policy Profiles > click a policy profile

Policy profiles allow you to control the behavior of Workplace on as broad or as granular a scale as you require. Once you've created your policy profiles, you'll apply them to groups or users in whatever way best supports your company's internal collaboration workflows and processes, as well as your security needs.

The Policy Profile Detail page allows you to edit the name or description of the policy profile, add or remove individual policies, edit individual policies in the policy profile, delete the profile, assign the policy profile to users or groups, and remove users or groups from the policy profile.

NOTE  Policies that govern backup functionality are only available to metered plan Workplace teams.

The page is comprised of two views:

The Policies view displays the individual policies associated with the profile:

The Assigned to view displays the users and groups to which the profile is assigned and allows you to remove users or groups from the profile:

Understanding, applying, and configuring individual default policies

The areas below describe how to enable and configure specific policies, and how those policies will affect users who are only associated with the default policy set.

Policies must be added to the policy profile before they can be configured. Additional settings for policies are usually available when policies are enabled, but some setting require that you save the profile before they can be configured. Those policies are noted in the tables below.

Too add policies to a policy profile, please refer to Add policies

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